Restaurant at Albaicin with stunning Alhambra view

Carmen Aben Humeya Restaurant is located at Albaicin ( Granada ) and has the most spectacular view of Alhambra in Granada. 

Very few restaurants at Granada will allow you to enjoy an excellent cuisine while looking at stunning view of Alhambra palace.

Restaurant in Granada Carmen Aben Humeya, has been chosen as the MOST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT in GRANADA and the 5th MOST ROMANTIC IN THE WORLD (Zagat Guide).

El mejor restaurante con vistas a Alhambra Granada

The Restaurant is located at the Albaicin square, at the terraces of the gardens of an ancient Carmen (tradicional Granada’s house) called “Carmen de Aben Humeya”. The house dates from the 15th Century and it is built on the top of the ancient wall of Granada. The architecture of the house is typically moorish with small windows, white walls and small rooms all looking at a patio as the social centre of the house. It has painted ceilings wich date from the Alhambra period.

The ancient wall of Granada (muralla Cadima) dates from the 11th century. You can see the wall at the Restaurant and also an ancient cistern which served water to the inhabitants of the house during the medieval times.

Restaurante Aben Humeya frente a la Alhambra

There is a legend that tells the story of the inhabitants of the house (Aben Humeya a moorish prince) who used this ancient cistern as a secret path to get to the Alhambra. It is said that this cisterns where tunnels that connected main houses in Granada with the Alhambra Palace.

Th0r3c9367e house is surrounded by the terraces where the Restaurant is located. The terraces are glazed and conditioned to enjoy the Carmen Aben Humeya cuisine and view during all year round.

Carmen Aben Humeya Restaurant at Albaicin is one of the best Restaurants in Granada to enjoy a meal or dinner during all year. Terraces which surround the restaurant, the fountains and mediterranean garden create a peaceful and idilic environment. The Alhambra sunset matches perfectly well with the  cuisine of the Restaurant, which offers a modern fusion of mediterranean and granada’s specialities.

Aben Humeya´s cuisine has been awarded with the Prize to the Best Restaurant in Granada’s province  (Porsche Gourmet Event 2016).

Dining at Carmen Aben Humeya Restaurant in Albaicin is not only enjoying and exceptional view of Alhambra Palace but dining surrounded of the story of Granada at one of the most ancient and charismatic houses of Albaicin because of the people who lived there and the beautiful legend around it.