Best Restaurants in Granada Spain: Restaurante Aben Humeya.

Best Restaurants in Granada Spain where participating in Gourmet Porsche event. Aben Humeya Restaurant has been recognized as the winner of his categorie in Granada: the best Restaurant in Granada Spain.

This has been the recognition of Aben Humeya Restaurant Gourmet Porsche Panamera event.

This recognition was made by the Jury of the Porsche gourmet event, that took place during the month of november.

This event takes place every year for Granada and other provinces. Restaurants participating are only those restaurants considered in between the best quality and standards in the area.

Aben Humeya Restaurant was the only Restaurant in Albaicin Granada that participated in the event. This year, Aben Humeya Granada Restaurant participate with a “Carpaccio de rabo de toro estofado con pure de remolacha y chips crujientes de cerveza Estrella Galicia Red Vintage (maridaje)”.
The winner between all the Restaurants in Granada has been arosen by the own public, as the jury of the event was the Porsche Panamera clients. They have been able to try during the contest, a free tapa of the dish participating in the event.
The criteria the jury used to evaluate the participating dishes and criteria for choosing the winner has been:

1st- Presentation

2nd- Originality
3nd- Flavour
4th- Texture
5th- Product evaluation.
Restaurantes en Granada
There was only one categorie established for this contest: PRIZE PORSCHE GOURMET. Which is the prize to the Best Dish selected by the jury of the event.
Restaurant Aben Humeya, as winner of the Granada Restaurant categorie, assisted to the celebration and prize recognition event last novembre. Aben Humeya restaurant was chosen and recognized as the best Restaurant in Granada in between all the restaurants participating in the contest.
It has been an honour and great opportunity for our staff to participate and contributing to spread andalusian cuisine from a modern but traditional conserving point of view.

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