Alhambra Tickets: Where to buy

Alhambra Tickets, where to buy them and how, is one of the most asked questions by those who plan to visit Granada.

In fact, many of our customers ask us questions, not only about where and how to buy Alhambra tickets, but also about the city of Granada (Spain), the Alhambra Palace itself and the Generalife.

We are happy to help and advice customers at our restaurant about things to do in Granada, apart from visiting the Alhambra Theater and the Generalife, of course 😉

If you are wondering what is your best option to get your Alhambra tickets before arriving to the city, where to buy the Alhambra tickets, and how to buy them, keep on reading.

And if you are already in town and need to know how to get last minute Alhambra tickets… Don’t worry! We will clarify for you the main options.

So keep reading if you are planning to visit the alhambra palace.

You may have heard or read that following recent changes in Granada, the official companies that sell the alhambra tickets have changed recently.

We understand this can cause some confusion when you are planning to visit the Alhambra palace or the generalife or both! So to begin with, you have to know that there is an official website of Patronato de la Alhambra who is currently selling the tickets.

However, if you are looking into a more complex type of Alhambra ticket, there are some touristic packages that include them.

This is also a good option if you can do a planning with other things to do in Granada. In this cases usually you can add additional services to your alhambra tickets, for example a private guide.

In fact, this are usually the same official tickets but with a commission added depending on the additional services that you purchase with.

Allow us to suggest that it is always a reasonable idea to check for online reviews about the company who your planning to buy your alhambra tickets from.

This way you can make sure they are reputable and a trustworthy company to obtain your alhambra tickets. If you have previously purchased your Alhambra tickets this way don’t hesitate to share your experience on the comments.

Another option, for those who are looking for exclusivity, is booking a private one hour and a half tour inside the alhambra palace. This private visits require the booking of special alhambra tickets and although they are expensive they are already gone and booked months in advance.

In fact, at Carmen Restaurante Aben Humeya Granada, we do offer this very exclusive service to our VIP customers together with a private dining experience with stunning Alhambra views. Don’t hesitate to ask us about this exclusive tickets if you wish.

Lastly, if you already arrived to Granada and you couldn’t get your advanced alhambra tickets, don’t worry! Every morning there is a limited number of alhambra tickets that go on sale precisely for visitors like you!

If you want to buy one of this last minute alhambra tickets, get ready to wake up early. During holidays season and special holidays, they are highly demanded and some people start to cue as early as 6 am.

The office that sells the Alhambra tickets at the doors of the Alhambra palace changes its opening hours depending on the season. We recommend that you check online any last-minute updates or news regarding the last minute alhambra tickets.

We hope all this information helped clarify the different ways of where to buy and how your tickets for visiting the Alhambra Palace. As you can see there are different options on how to get your alhambra tickets, however our last recommendation is to always get your tickets ahead of time if possible and from the official sources.

If you have any more specific questions like pricing or any other doubt, don’t hesitate to ask on the comments.

We will have more posts coming up about the different zones of the Alhambra that you can visit.

Feel free to suggest any topics you would like to read about and enjoy your visit to the Alhambra palace!

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